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  • You're just starting out as the owner of a magazine distributor and you don't have any employees. So you don't need coverage for employees. Does your current policy allow you to delete coverage you don't need or want? Ours does and we'll pass on the savings to you.

  • Are you completely out of luck if you lose your record of credit card transactions? With the Small Business Program Policy, you're covered for expenses.

  • You let a retailer take home some samples of new materials. You never see the samples again and the retailer won't return your calls. Are you covered? You bet, for the total value of your goods.

  • Your wholesale building supplies company relies on a tool supplier for equipment. The supplier's building burns down and can't deliver that day. You are in luck. You’re covered for loss of income caused by the supplier's inability to deliver that day.

  • Your bakery goods wholesale operation does a booming business during the holiday season. Automatically increases coverage for your stock by 50% during that time.

  • Your wholesale electronics company delivers a new computer system to a department store through UPS. If it doesn't arrive on time, are you covered? The Small Business Program Policy can cover the delivery if the computer arrives damaged or never arrives at all.

  • If a delivery truck accidentally runs over one of your forklifts, you're covered.

  • If you sell a product overseas and it causes an injury in Japan; what happens if you are sued in the US? This is one of the few policies available that can cover you for damages. Your products are covered all over the world.

  • Let's say you unintentionally forget to describe one of your operations to us and a loss occurs. You're still covered.

  • And if your employee mops the floor one-day and causes a supplier to slip and fall but doesn't tell the owner or manager. You're still covered.

  • And how about your computer and the information that's on it. You don't want to be temporarily out of business in case it breaks down or malfunctions due to temperature. It’s covered.

The coverage examples provided on this website are for illustration purposes only. The terminology used throughout this website is not intended to replace the language of the actual policy forms. Coverage is stated subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies. The terms of the policy forms will control the insurance contract without regard to any statement made within this website.



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