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Long-Term Disability
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Long-Term Disability

Benefit Facts:

One in five 35-year olds will be disabled for 90 days or more.

The average length of disability for a 35-year old disabled for 90 days will be 5.1 years (Society of Actuaries)

Employer Problem:

Your key employee has been disabled for 90 days and his doctor advises that it looks like disability will run for the whole year. How long do you continues his/her salary?

The Group Long Term Disability Solution:

  • Employer-sponsored Long Term Disability plans

  • Executive/Manager Carve Out plans to lower costs

  • Benefit design to fully reward executives with portability and 100% compensation

  • Incentive benefits to reward return to work

  • Analysis of competitive offerings to enhance benefits and lower costs

  • Annual review of competition to insure low employer costs

  • Design of plan to meet employer benefits and costs
    • 60% Benefits
    • 66 2/3% Benefit Plans
    • 60% and 70% All Sources

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