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Underwriting Risk Evaluation Surveys

Survey reports are designed to accommodate the unique needs of each type of industry. Physical site visits are made to evaluate an account's key exposures and controls in place, and provide important information for underwriting risk selection and pricing decisions.

Property Sprinkler System Evaluations

Sprinkler Evaluation can be conducted for both existing or new buildings. The evaluation for existing buildings includes sprinkler testing and maintenance programs and results, and their adequacy for an account. The commodity classification evaluation from a sprinkler standpoint and adequacy of the water supply can also be performed. Specialty sprinkler systems such as deluge and precaution systems can also be evaluated. New construction plans, sprinkler plans and hydraulic calculations, can be reviewed and assistance can be provided on adequacy of design provided to the customer and sprinkler contractor. Training customers to perform their own sprinkler testing, maintenance and service is also available.

Ergonomics and Manual Material Handling Evaluations

Our Carrier’s ergonomic evaluations of lifting and other manual material handling tasks can determine if weights and forces are excessive. Applying nationally recognized guidelines on how much weight most workers can safely handle. Also evaluating other ergonomic hazards such as repetitive and forceful hand tasks that may lead to tendentious or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. We can use video taping and analysis to help isolate the ergonomic stresses in repetitive tasks, or simply apply recognized guidelines on how to better fit tasks to the worker.

Industrial Hygiene Evaluations

Industrial Hygiene evaluations involve using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to recognize and evaluate occupational health exposures such as noise, chemical airborne contaminants, non-ionizing radiation, and heat stress. When the results of our evaluations show that an excessive exposure exists, recommendations are submitted to control or eliminate the exposures through the implementation of engineering and administrative controls. Our services also include assisting policyholders in the development of hazard control programs, and auditing existing programs to ensure the programs are operating properly.


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