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Driver Selection Program

Selecting and placing the best drivers is the key to control of fleet operations. The driver qualification process should include effective use of written applications, motor vehicle record reviews, road testing, past employer reference checks and physical examination. Risk Engineering Services can assist in establishing an effective driver selection program or evaluating an existing program and recommending improvements.

Management Control Program Development

Hazard Control Programs often need to be developed and implemented by companies to ensure compliance with work place regulations and serve as an ongoing reference for how hazards will be controlled and who is responsible for implementing the elements of the program. We assist in the development of hazard control programs using a hands-on approach, breaking down seemingly complex regulatory requirements into specific steps. We also assist with existing programs by coordinating an audit or review of the program. We compare what the account has in their control program to what they should have, and recommend steps that should be taken to make the program more effective.

Workers’ Compensation Safety and Incentive Programs

Develop a schedule of safety meeting topics applicable to your industry and identify responsible parties for compellation. We will assist in and conduct monthly safety meetings with your employees. Coordinate, develop and/or implement safety incentive programs with value-added products, and monitor for merit.



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