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Depending upon your needs, we can protect you from the following scenarios....

We can cover:

  • Loss of your credit card transactions and account billing records.

  • And what about your computer and the information that's on it? You don't want to be temporarily out of business in case it breaks down or malfunctions due to temperature changes.

  • You own a bike shop and allow a customer to test ride a bicycle. He leaves his license and credit card, but ten minutes later, the customer is hasn't returned with your bike and you discover that the card and license are fakes.

  • You add or purchase a second location and forget to notify your agent for 4 months. You can still be covered.

  • An employee takes $1,000 from the cash register. Your policy can cover that theft.

  • Your toy store needs to stock 50% more inventory during a holiday season. If there is a loss, is the extra stock covered? it can be.

The coverage examples provided on this website are for illustration purposes only. The terminology used throughout this website is not intended to replace the language of the actual policy forms. Coverage is stated subject to terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies. The terms of the policy forms will control the insurance contract without regard to and statement made within this website


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